Limo Bus 40-45 Passenger Toronto Limo Buses

Limo Bus 40-45 Passenger Toronto Limo Buses

Luxury on Wheels: Discover Toronto's Premiere Limo Bus Experience

Experience unparalleled extravagance aboard our Toronto Limo Buses, accommodating 40-45 passengers. Featuring a lavish array of amenities including a 40″ Plasma Screen, mirrored ceiling with fiber optics & star lighting, and a high-end theatre surround sound system, every moment is elevated. Enjoy convenience with a built-in washroom and a fully stocked bar surrounding the bus. Dynamic strobe lights, DVD, CD, MP3, and iPod capability, along with hardwood floors, ensure an unforgettable journey in luxury and style.

Luxury SUV Chevrolet Suburban

40" Plasma Screen
Mirror Ceiling with fibre optics & Stars lighting
High-end Theatre Surround Sound System
Bar all around the bus
Strobe Lights
DVD, CD, MP3, and I-Pod capability
Hardwood Floors

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of your life.

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When you book a limo from us, you can expect to receive a great selection of limousine fleet for anyone of the services that we offer. Some of the different limousine fleet that you can choose from includes sedan style limos, stretch limousine fleet, party and limo buses.

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